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Harvest festival - Nevada Sage Waldorf School
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Nevada Sage Waldorf School thrives with strong parent involvement.  The relationships among parents, children, and teachers are central to Waldorf education.  Active parent participation is essential for the health of our school.  The entire quality of school life is enriched and supported by parent involvement.  Parent contributions have a direct effect on the classroom by nurturing and supporting our teachers, and helping to create a strong foundation for each classroom.

Family participation is also essential to the school’s commitment to keep tuition costs affordable. We do not have custodians, gardeners, painters or carpenters! All of these tasks and more are filled through the loving support of our community members. Parent involvement also instills in our children a sense of responsibility for their school, and a feeling that it is an extension of their family life.

Getting Connected

It is important for parents to deepen their understanding of Waldorf education by:

  • Attending Class Meetings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Parent Council Meetings, and Festivals
  • Attending parent education lectures and workshops on aspects of Waldorf education and child development

Parents are urged to share their collective talents in areas that engage their talents and gift:

Committee Service Opportunities

Campus Upkeep & Maintenance

  • Project Days – September, November, February, and April

Festivals / Fundraising

  • Handmade Auction
  • Harvest Festival
  • Advent Spiral
  • Silent Auction
  • May Faire
  • Annual Giving Campaign
  • Grant Writing

Contact: Courtney Pace:

Additonal Fundraising

  • NSWS Grocery Program: Earn money for the School while you grocery shop.
  • Save Mart cards: Get cards from Britney Murkovich (Zoe’s mom) for you and family members.
  • Raley’s: It’s easy to register online. You simply choose NSWS as the beneficiary and that’s it. No card is required.
  • Boxtops for Education: Save boxtops of many dozens of items that you likely already have in your pantry. Instead of recycling them, give them to the school, which receives 10 cents for every one.
  • Equal Exchange Fundraiser:  Please shop the Equal Exchange catalog and website for these hand-crafted, fair-trade items are during the upcoming gift-giving time of year. SHOP EQUAL EXCHANGE FUNDRAISER HERE
  • This site features Waldorf-friendly items from wooden dollhouses to silks and beeswax crayons. Again – a great way to purchase beautifully made items while the school receives a commission. SHOP BESTWALDORFTOYS.COM HERE

Contact: Britney Murkovich:

Special Projects

  • Newsletter / Blog / Social Media Support
  • Teacher Appreciation Support

Contact: Courtney Pace:


Each family, as part of its annual tuition and commitment to the school, is asked to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service at Nevada Sage Waldorf School.  There are many fun and enriching ways to get involved.  Find a niche that is right for you!