Parent-Child Class

Waldorf Parent Child Class

Now Enrolling for Spring 2015

Nevada Sage Waldorf School offers parents, sensitive caregivers, and expectant parents time to come together with babies and young children once a week to warmly welcome our children and wonder at the innate bodily wisdom that is at work in these first few years of life. Simple slow-parenting techniques, and developmentally appropriate rhythms are shared and practiced that respectfully allow the exquisite being of each child to unfold at their own pace that support long-term well-being. In short, as we go about our “practice” of parenting, we strive “to live in such a way that children will learn how to breathe” – that is, to be at ease in their body and in this world.

Together we create a community where parents can make friends, ask questions, learn new skills, share concerns, and gain confidence in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. Weekly readings that draw upon Rudolf Steiner’s insights, other shared resources, and guided discussions support healthy parent-child attachment and family life.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and beginning to explore the beauty of Waldorf education. We welcome all families, in all their diversity.

Babies Observation Class (up to 12 months)

The air of heaven the child brings to me when it comes on earth.” Hazrat Inayat Kahn

After a lavender foot massage for the babies, parents sit in a circle and with full attention quietly observe for fifteen minutes or more. In one of our cozy kindergarten rooms, babies lie on a soft blanket where they are free to watch what interests them and move about to reach objects in the room. We’ll ask what our children need from us and what they do not need? Insights are shared and weekly readings are explored in a spirit of mutual respect. We’ll sing lullabies and seasonal songs, enjoy some warm tea and a light snack in a nurturing atmosphere.

Toddler Observation Class (ages 12-20 months)

Meeting the high energy of toddlerhood, this class offers children freedom to discover and interact as adult caregivers bring their calm and focused attention to the children during a period of quiet observation. This practice of observation is introduced and gradually extended over time. Gently supportive guidance is offered as needed during child-led play. The benefits of consistent rhythm, freedom of movement, imaginative play, and the care and protection of the developing senses is shared. Joyful singing, movement, readings and discussions continue. We come together for a sack-lunch brought from home.

Enrollment Policies:

  • Class fees are non-refundable unless class is cancelled. Enrollment fees are for one adult and one child. Fee is $50 for a second adult or child (no charge for babies in arms).
  • Participants may withdraw from a class up to two weeks before session starts. Last day to withdraw from Spring session is April 11, 2015. A credit towards a future class will granted, minus a $50 administrative fee.
  • All guests interested in attending a class require advance permission from instructor (such as a partner or visiting relative).
  • We warmly welcome all families, including prospective adoptive, foster, single-parent, and LGBTQ families.
  • Please contact Patricia Fenkell, Parent-Child Teacher, for more information at:

Please inform me of upcoming classes: