Our faculty is a group of experienced teachers who consciously assume responsibility for the pedagogical life of the school.  The faculty develops our curriculum and programs by upholding and applying the principles of Waldorf education set forth by Rudolf Steiner.  Our faculty members are committed to long-term professional development.  They also oversee hiring, mentoring, and evaluation of faculty members.

Meetings:  Weekly.

Program Director and Faculty Administrator

The Program Director/Faculty Administrator is accountable to the faculty; the primary consensus relationships are with the Parent Administrator and the Board Administrator.  This person represents the faculty in weekly Administrative Meetings, and communicates Parent & Board Administrator requests to the faculty during weekly faculty meetings.

The Program Director/Faculty Administrator is responsible to Washoe County Social Services for Nevada Sage Waldorf School’s Early Childhood programming and compliance with all regulations.  This person is also responsible for school enrollment, and updating and maintaining student and faculty files.


Our experienced faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence in a school environment that values cultural diversity and individual differences.