Parent Council

The mission of our Parent Council is to promote better communication and greater involvement within the school community.  The parent body oversees the marketing, outreach and fundraising for Nevada Sage Waldorf School.

Getting Connected

The Parent Council meets each month.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Participants leave Parent Council Meetings feeling informed about school news, connected with parents and teachers, and hopefully inspired to get involved and share unique gifts and talents with the community.  The Parent Council is always looking for valuable input and participation of all parents.

To learn more about the Parent Council and its activities, please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month from 6-8pm.

Parent Council Chairs
Britney Murkovich, Parent Council Co-Chair
Courtney Pace, Parent Council Co-Chair

Parent Administrator

The Parent Administrator is accountable to the parents; the primary consensus relationships are the Faculty Administrator and the Board Administrator.  The Parent Administrator represents the parent body in weekly Administrative Meetings, and communicates Faculty & Board Administrator requests to the parent body at Parent Council Meetings.

The Parent Administrator is responsible for branding and distributing the Desert Sage Educational Initiative’s Mission Statement and philosophy; oversees outreach, marketing, and school wide communication; and solicits and coordinates parent volunteers for festivals, project work days, and other events.

The Parent Council is where your contribution is valued and appreciated – and makes a difference!

Learn more about Parent Life at Nevada Sage Waldorf School.