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Waldorf Students Helping the Homeless

Waldorf Students Helping the Homeless
by Britney Murkovich (Zoe’s mom)
You can’t fake these smiles!  Ms. Barber’s grades 3/4 class was once again honored to cook for and serve meals to our homeless neighbors through RISE (Reno Initiative for Shelter Equality) this past Saturday, May 21.  The children helped feed over 200 people!  WOW!
RISE is a grass-roots weekly community potluck.  This is often the only full meal that our homeless friends receive all week, so they are  incredibly appreciative – especially when they see these young people so involved.
This service to our community accomplishes a couple of important things.  First, it’s encouraging empathy and selflessness in our children.  It feels so good to give! You can tell from this picture, that the kids are humming with positive, feel-good energy after having participated. Secondly, this particular event humanizes the homeless.  It becomes abundantly clear, which each plate that we fill, with each smile that we receive in return, that these folks are human.  They are kind.  They are hugely grateful.  They are down on their luck but deserve dignity.  They could be any one of us.  We see men, women, disabled people – and every age is represented in that line.  And yes, there are children in line as well – often as part of families who are staying in the shelter. As tough as it is for a 9 or 10 year-old to see someone who looks like a grandma in line for food, it truly awakens compassion in the children.  And they feel like they’re DOING something to help…which of course, they are!
Thank you to Nevada Sage Waldorf School’s students and their families for participating – everyone benefits so much.  Ms. Barber mentioned that the kids were even asking about doing it more regularly next year.  I think we can arrange that 😉