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Refer-a-Friend Program

Receive up to $500 in tuition credits!

Nevada Sage Waldorf School’s Refer-a-Friend Program is offering current families a $500 credit for each new, successfully enrolled, full-time family they bring to the school or $250 for each new, successfully enrolled, part-time family.

Families can receive credits up to their total annual tuition bill and next year’s fees!

PLUS…The new enrolling family brought in from the “refer-a-friend” program will receive a credit to cover all new enrollment fees.

Ways to Use Your Credit

  • Apply it to your tuition ($100/month credit (full-time referral) or $50/month credit (part-time referral) for 5 months.)
  • Reserve it to apply to enrollment fees in the Spring.
  • Donate it back to the school as a tax deductible Annual Campaign contribution.

The “refer-a-friend” credit will be available to the current family after the new family has successfully completed their first month of school. Program ends on May 31, 2017.

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