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Grades 4/5 Class Trip | Death Valley

Ms. Barber’s 4th/5th grade class went on their first multi-night trip to explore mines in Tonopah, Devils Hole pupfish in Death Valley plus a glimpse of the ghost town Rhyolite. The class departed on April 2 and returned to Reno on April 5. The children stayed at the famous Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah on the first night and enjoyed haunting stories of the lady in red. They toured the Tonopah Historic Mining Park on day two then traveled down HWY 95 towards Death Valley where they explored Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge to see the much anticipated Devils Hole pupfish. For the next two days they setup camp at Texas Springs Campground, wrote about their experiences in their hand-made journals and slept under the stars.

A special heartfelt thanks goes to our wonderful, dedicated chaperones: Alissa, Gunter, Laura, and Soma! Their organization, planning, and leadership allowed me to focus on the children and truly made the trip a success. Thank you!

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