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May Faire Festival 2017

Nevada Sage Waldorf School celebrated its 14th Annual May Faire Festival over the weekend at Bartley Ranch Regional Park.This festival welcomes the return of spring – the rebirth and growth of new plant life, the lengthening of the day light hours, and the strengthening force of the sun. May Faire is our largest celebration of the year and it’s a special time for the community and everyone to enjoy games, activities, live music, and food…and may pole dances performed by the grades 1-5 students.

We send heartfelt gratitude to all our families and teachers who volunteer their talents to creating fun activities and organizing this lovely event. We also thank all of our Waldorf friends who came to the festival and for Mother Nature who held back the rain storm just in time for us to wrap up the event.

Thank you all for your kind support…see you next year!