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Fall Garden Harvest

by Soma Miller, Biodynamics Gardening Teacher

In our school garden, these last weeks of August a bounty of ripe fruits was waiting to be discovered. Upon their return, Ms. Kopald’s class was treated to a Native American Legend ‘The Three Sisters’ as they scrubbed the garlic bulbs that were harvested over the summer. After the legend, we observed in the garden to see if we could indeed, find the three sisters living there.  Their sharp eyes spied the pumpkins and other winter squashes that volunteered in our rows.

Ms. Jackson’s class has been hunting for the plentiful rattle snake beans each week, which we are drying.Ms. Barber’s class deftly brought in our Hopi Blue

Ms. Barber’s class deftly brought in our Hopi Blue Corn and marveled with the jewels of corn they had grown. These have been shucked, and hung up outside and drying, and before long they will be ground into corn meal.

It feels wonderful to have so many eager helpers, and so many satisfying jobs ahead of us!

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