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Evans Creek Field Trip

by Amy Kopald, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Kopald’s class field trip to Evans Creek last Friday was a wonder-filled experience. We started out our day down by the creek and acted out the story of “Nkosnati and the Dragon.” This African tale is about a brave boy who takes on a dragon which appears every rainy season, amongst the thunderous, blue-black clouds as it brings great lashings of wind and rain to the villages in the valley. Swallows warmed Nkosnati of the approaching storm. The class had made at school and brought with them, a folded, tissue paper swallow to be part of the play. Evans Creek was swollen from the previous day’s rain so it was perfect that we used this beautiful natural setting to recreate our story.

After the play, we sat by the creek and ate snack before heading along the nature trail around the creek. The huge “N” on the mountain called to us and we all agreed to hike up the steep path to get there. It only took us 20 minutes!! From this spot, we saw great views of the city with its sweeping valley and elegant mountains. Oftentimes, we watched huge billowing and sometimes dark menacing clouds appear above the top of the mountain. Could the “N” stand for brave Nkosnati? I am not sure the children made this connection but for me, I was pleasantly surprised by how synchronistic our morning was.

I was very proud of the class for their enthusiasm to hike and flow together as one class along the trail. We should look forward to more adventures in nature throughout the year. Many thanks to Sonia and Courtney for joining us by driving our class on this field trip.

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