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Harvest Festival & Handmade Auction 2017

We would like to thank everyone for making this year’s Harvest Festival possible. From early planning to braving the cold chilly morning to set up, working double shifts in the cold shaded areas and picking up were needed, even running to get more popcorn.

Please enjoy this slideshow of our community coming together in celebration of autumn.

Special thanks go out to Vicki Seaton, Lisa Allen, Kelli Anastassatos, Sara Anderson, Promilla Patel, Ralph Apgar, Amy Barber, Erica Burkett, Andrea Catacora, Orelia Ceballos, Amanda Chabino, Kathleen Deyling, Alicia Dietrich, Elena Eckland, Holly Fawcett, Patricia Fenkell, Lindsay Garrison, Patricia Gomez, Laura Hueber, Paola Jackson, John Jesse, Lisa & Ryan Johnson, Skiland & Kylie Judd, Jade King, Sara Kuhns, Amy Kopald, Monica Limon, Melissa Martinez, Catherine Matovich, Soma Miller, Paul & Courtney Pace, Lynell Garfield-Qualls, Brett Rhyne, Sonia Roe, Lori Robertson, Kristin Solberg, Erin Stiles, Angie Tolbert, Melanie Underwood, 3rd & 4th Grade Class, 5th & 6th Grade Class, Pearl LaPerla, Kristina Lyons, Noel Lanter, Douglas Hein.