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Michaelmas Festival

What a joy it was to attend our Michaelmas festival! Our evening started out with a play by the first and second graders depicting St. George’s defeat of the dragon. Of course, as a proud mama of one of the second graders, I enjoyed watching my daughter and her grade school friends pull off something spectacular. But it really made my heart sing to see such another example of how the new grades program is enriching the whole school. I loved watching the rapt faces of the kindergartners and preschoolers as the “big kids” brought alive the classic story of bravery and goodness triumphing over evil.

Now that my daughter is old enough to begin struggling in earnest between her shining, knightly self and those less admirable impulses to be unkind or hurtful, I have a new appreciation for the Waldorf curriculum and the St. Michael/St. George story in particular. It’s such a clear and vivid story that affirms for her that her struggle is noble and worth the painful effort she’s putting in now. It makes me happy to reflect on how this foundation of character development is going to pay off for her as she grows up and the shades of right and wrong become more nuanced and difficult to sort out.

The evening also included a delicious pot luck. As usual, the balance of nourishing, hearty food and delectable treats worked out just right. I was especially appreciative of the efforts people made to bring gluten-free dishes and desserts with wholesome ingredients! With the food of course came the warm socializing I look forward to at these events, with both the other parents and the teachers.

The children got up to a nice ruckus climbing on the outdoor play equipment and running in the field. As the sun set and it began to get a little chilly, we rounded up our pink-cheeked girl and tired baby to head home, grateful for our warm community that supports us as we strive to help our kiddos grow into healthy, wholehearted human beings.