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5th/6th Grade Greek Pentathlon

Ms. Barber’s 5th/6th-grade class has been studying Greek mythology and ancient Greek history.  As part of this block, the students have spent months preparing to participate in the 33rd Annual Greek Pentathlon.  The event we held on Friday, May 18, 2018, at Live Oak Waldorf School near Auburn, California.  NSWS students were among 190 students from 8 other Waldorf schools located in California.  This is the first time Nevada Sage Waldorf School has participated in this event as our school now has a 5th/6th-grade class.  A rite of passage for all!  The students participated in the following events: sprint running, discus, javelin, long jump and a relay race.

With Special Recognition and Gratitude

Special thanks and acknowledgment goes out to Amy Kopald for supporting Ms. Barber’s class for the many months of training leading up to the Pentathlon event. Our heartfelt thanks, Amy, for leading the way for our 5th/6th-grade students to ensure they got the proper training for this event.

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