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“Prometheus: The Fire-Bringer”

“Prometheus: The Fire-Bringer” performed by Ms. Barber’s 5th/6th Grade Class

On Wednesday, May 30, our 5th/6th-grade class got the opportunity to become Greek Gods and Goddesses!  They performed the play “Prometheus: The Fire-Bringer.”  The students also played stringed instruments before, during and after the performance and capped off the night with a Greek dance in the parking lot.

Cast of characters

Prometheus – Titan son of Iapetos, “Forethought” | Cassie Hueber

Apollo – God of Light, Music, and Poetry / Thie Harthono

Zeus – Ruler of the Olympian gods, God of Thunder and Lightening / Geneva Jesse

Epimetheus – Prometheus’ foolish brother, “Afterthought” / Clover Jackson

Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt / Juliann Dietrich

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom / Sevina Versales

Poseidon – God of the Sea and Earthquakes / Indy Bishop

Hermes – Messenger of the gods / Julien Sperka

Hephaestus – God of Fire, Smiths and Forges / Grayson King

Deucalion – Mortal son of Prometheus / Galen Bax

Herakles – Mortal son of Zeus and strongest of the Greek heroes / Kai Johnson

Man / Liam Johnson

Woman / Matiah Jackson


Crew | Elliot bax

Costumes | Soma Miller

Greek Masks | Patricia Fenkell

Music | “Hassaposérviko”arranged and conducted by Maestro Douglas Hein and Ms. Catherine Matovich

Playbill | Monica Limon

Artwork | Illustration by Amy Barber