Curriculum Overview

Integration of Academics and Arts

Waldorf education offers a developmentally appropriate, balanced approach to education. It weaves academics with the arts, giving richness to both, and inspires students to embrace learning. The Waldorf curriculum moves from imagination and movement in early childhood through increasingly academic and artistically created lessons in the lower grades. Year by year, the curriculum expands with the maturing child, matching themes that mirror the child’s inner development with skills, knowledge, and modes of expression appropriate to their age.

The Nevada Sage Waldorf School Faculty believes that a fulfilled and creative life involves more than mental development. Every child also needs the balance provided by strong and healthy development in the life of will (the ability to get things done) and in the life of feelings (emotions, aesthetics, and social sensitivity). A Waldorf education is designed to enable the whole child to develop these unique and deep capacities to the child’s highest potential.

Waldorf curriculum educates the whole child.

Using inspiration as a key element in our lessons, we nurture the capacities of each child’s development.