Early Childhood Program

Mixed-Age Pre-K & Kindergarten Classes

Our Waldorf Early Childhood Program welcomes young children into a home-like setting with predictable daily and weekly rhythms that meets their abilities and developmental needs.  Our classrooms radiate warmth and nurturing qualities that are characteristic in Waldorf Early Childhood classrooms.  Interior colors are soft, the light is diffused, and the environment calming. Toys are made of natural materials and everyday objects that stimulate children to utilize their boundless imagination during play. Our intention is to offer a nurturing space where children feel confident to explore their growing sense of self.  This is a place where children can dream and create, learn and explore, sing and dance, and in every way discover their unique individuality.

A Waldorf Early Childhood Program, by design, is free from formal academics, and instead focuses on developing strong bodies and lively imaginations, which are the foundation of learning as they move into the Lower Grades. Our mixed-age pre-k and kindergarten classes gently stimulates the development of curiosity, verbal capacities, sequencing, sensory integration, memory, social skills, and motor skills that are essential for later learning and are the foundations for academic excellence.

Daily and Seasonal Rhythm

A young child learns best through imaginative play that is creative and emulative.  Through play, children discover and experience their surroundings, explore and make use of their bodies, and come to understand their relationship to the world.

Our daily activities provide an opportunity for children to do all of those things.  The day-to-day rhythm includes circle time, artistic activities, indoor and outside creative play, snack time, story time, and lunch time.  Throughout the year, we celebrate the changing seasons together with songs, music, games and seasonal activities.

The foundations for academic excellence and lifelong learning are thoughtfully incorporated into our mixed-age pre-k and kindergarten curriculum:

  • Language Development – With exquisite attention to storytelling, songs and poetry, our teachers immerse the children in the beauty and complexity of our language.  In this way, literacy comes alive.
  • Concentration and Memorization – Listening to stories, watching puppet shows, acting out plays, and singing songs strengthen the powers of memory, concentration, and imagination.
  • Math and Science – Math and science are explored and fostered through practical activities such as preparing and serving snacks, and planting garden beds, as well as through circle activities, free play and nature walks.
  • Fine Motor Skills – Fine motor skills are encouraged through finger games, puppetry, sewing, finger knitting, table setting, and food serving.
  • Artistic Expression – Children express themselves through watercolor painting, drawing, beeswax modeling, wood-working, and carding wool.
  • Free Play – As a foundation for creative and critical thinking, free play is incorporated into each day.  Wooden logs, brightly colored play silks, movable play stands, soft cloth dolls, and a play kitchen are objects children use to do what they are best at – imaginative play.
  • Outdoor Play – Children explore the natural world each day by enjoying outside play – rain or shine.  Large muscle strength, coordination, and graceful movement are developed through running, jumping, swinging, climbing, digging and gardening.

Our Play Garden

Our campus features an enclosed play garden with unique handmade outdoor play equipment, a playhouse, sand pit, straw bales, logs and stumps to build with, and trees to climb. There is also a large grassy field for playing.


Nevada Sage Waldorf School provides a healthy organic snack each day.  Parents provide lunch for their child.

Age Requirements

We offer mixed-age pre-k and kindergarten classes for children ages 2 to 6 years.

Days & Times

Our early childhood program offers a two, three or five day structure, consecutive days.  Continuing Care is available.

Early Drop-Off Program: 7:30 to 8:30 (no extra fee)
Half Day Program: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Full Day Program: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

At Nevada Sage Waldorf School the young child’s imagination is nourished and allowed to unfold.  The child is supported throughout emerging developmental stages leading to an inner vitality which grows the capacity for dynamic and original thinking.  It also forms a path for a richly creative and effective adult life.