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Now Enrolling PreKindergarten and Grades K-6

How will Waldorf enrich my child’s education?

Waldorf education develops a child’s abilities to think with clarity, to feel with compassion and to initiate change with confidence. Beginning in Early Childhood, the Waldorf curriculum is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the world by presenting materials and subjects in line with their development. By incorporating all of the senses into the curriculum and taking an integrated approach to learning – bringing the arts, academics and movement together – a Waldorf education aims to awaken and nourish your child’s mind, body and spirit, helping them to become a creative thinker and problem solver.

See Why Waldorf Works

The best way to experience Waldorf education is to see it first-hand. We invite you to take a campus tour, join us for our upcoming open house or classroom observation tours. We also offer a number of special events throughout the year that will give you a peek at our Waldorf family.

Discover how enlivening education can be, experience Waldorf education yourself.