Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the fiscal and legal oversight of the school. They address policies and come to consensus on matters that affect the budget, such as tuition and salaries, and those that have legal implications.  Board members contribute a considerable amount of time, energy, resources, and expertise to support and guide the school.  Our Board is comprised of current parents and long-term supporters of Waldorf education and Nevada Sage Waldorf School.

Meetings:  Third Wednesday of each month from 4:30-7pm. Open to the public.

2018-2019 School Year Board of Trustees Meeting Dates:

    • Special Date: Thursday Aug. 16th
    • Sep. 19th
    • Oct. 17th
    • Nov. 14th
    • Dec. 12th
    • Jan. 16th
    • Feb. 13th
    • March 20th
    • April 10th
    • May 15th
    • June 5th