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Lazure Workshop


Pam Whitman from California held a two-day Lazure Workshop at our new school to instruct NSWS volunteers on the art of lazuring. It was an informative and productive weekend. Lazuring has been completed in two early childhood rooms. Thank you to all who could attend this enriching workshop. Special thanks to Patricia Fenkell for arranging […]

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Mother’s Day Tea


The Mother’s Day Tea hosted by the 1st and 2nd graders was a loving expression from the children to their mothers. What a delight to see the mothers treated to tea and scones (that the children made)! The students also presented a short performance for their mothers, as well as welcoming them into the daily […]

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May Faire


Our 11th Annual May Faire celebrated Spring and was a cheerful event for our school. We made special connections with vendors and people in our community and fun was had by all. Thank you to all of the families who contributed their time and efforts into making this event so rich. A special thank you […]

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Race to Nowhere – Wrap Up


Last Friday’s showing and discussion of Race to Nowhere was riveting and engaging. The SOLD OUT event was a success and we would like to THANK the following for all your contributions and amazing talents. Warm thanks to: Panelists for enriching the discussion; Ilian Willwerth Keli Brown Dr. Melissa Burnham Dr. Margaret Ferrara Cheryl Erwin […]

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Thanksgiving Feast

Nevada Sage Waldorf School provided a ThankFull meal once again for our wonderful families, as a gesture of gratitude and connection. I arrived just after the play had begun, and as I snuck in the door, all eyes were on the grades students at the front of the room.  They sung sweetly and strongly, and […]

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Classroom News : Grades 1-2

by Miss Halla, Miss Amy, Ms. Kristin, Miss Ilian, & Frau Ilian   Every day after morning verse First and Second Graders come together as a combined class for Circle. Through song, movement, and rhythmic activities we wake up our bodies for learning. One of our favorite verses, “I wake myself to greet the day, […]

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Laura takes a moment to observe

As I sat and observed the 2-4 year old pre-school kindergarten classroom I watched the kids doing their own dishes after snack time!  It was amazing.  The teachers set up wash and rinse tubs on a bench. One of the teachers sat next to tubs with drying towels on her lap. She would call the […]

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Michaelmas Festival


What a joy it was to attend our Michaelmas festival! Our evening started out with a play by the first and second graders depicting St. George’s defeat of the dragon. Of course, as a proud mama of one of the second graders, I enjoyed watching my daughter and her grade school friends pull off something […]

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First Day for 1st & 2nd Graders

Today we welcomed our 1st and 2nd graders to Nevada Sage Waldorf School. The 1st grade class, shown in this photo, was received by Miss Amy’s 2nd grade class in a joyful front porch ceremony this morning. The grades families joined in song as parents of the 1st graders led their gleeful child across the […]

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